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Cary A. Conder

Born to British parents in South America, the third of four children, I wound up with the male version of the spelling for my first name because my parents thought I might be something of a tom-boy.  Sometimes you have to think your parents can see into the future!


By the time I was in my early Twenties I hadn't lived anywhere longer than five years, which may explain my predilection for travel, especially to exotic countries.  I served 27 years with the Canadian military, the last 22 with the Air Force.  My tours of duty include two deserts:  the Sinai, Egypt and Canadian Forces Station Alert inside the Arctic Circle.


In 1997, while at WorldCon in Baltimore, I was wandering around the convention centre in a Hall Costume (see articles under Costuming) when a lady approached me and asked if I would like to join the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists.  Knock me over with the feather!  You can only join the guild if you're a professional SF artist, a notable semi-pro or by invitation.  So here I am, a life member.  I can't tell you how honoured I still feel.

I love Star Wars, Star Gate: SG1, and Star Trek.  I enjoy the other SG series, but prefer the first.  My favourite authors include Elizabeth Moon, Andre Norton (I miss her immensely), and Tamora Pierce.  I also enjoy David Brin, Kevin J. Anderson, some Mercedes Lackey, and Anne McCaffrey, to mention a few.

You can find my two POD novels--Half a Rune & Half a Ring--through Chapters, iUniverse (my publisher), Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.com (or .ca) on line.  These are POD (Print-on-Demand) novels which I trialed to see if there was a market for them.  Apparently there is, but I still can't convince the high-end publishing firms.  With the reconstruction of this web site I've been able to post several more of my original work as e-books for sale through PayPal (see right side at the top of the column).  Prices for the novels I've posted are identical to those listed for Rune and Ring.  They're PDF files.  What I've done with my personal files, however, is add pictures between the chapters, some of which I've shot myself.

I've also post the best of my fan fiction under Free Downloads.  There are three "Star Wars" novels: the "Subterfuge" series features Wedge Antilles following "Truce at Bakura".  Then there are the "Hawaii Five-0" novels for those of you old enough to remember the series and have a thirst for more.  I've added my collection of "silly filksongs and poetry", plus a collection of "Pern" short stories compiled back in the early 1990s for the now defunct Telgar Weyr located in Spokane, WA.  Enjoy.


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